List of postgraduate Programmes

S/No Department Programme
1. African Languages PGD in Translation & Interpretation in African Lang. (Part-Time)
M.A African Literature (Full-Time)
M.A African Languages (Full-Time)
African Cultural Studies (Full-Time)
Phd. African Languages (Full-Time)
Phd. African Literature(Full-Time)
Phd. African Cultural Studies (Full-Time)
2. Arabic PGD Arabic
M.A Arabic Languages
M.A Arabic Literature
Phd. Arabic Languages
Phd. Arabic Literature
3. Archaeology M.A Archaeology; Mpil Archaeology; Phd. Archaeology
4. English M.A English Languages
M.A English Literature
Phd. English Languages
Phd. English Literature
5. French M.A French; Phd. French
6. History M.A History; Mpil History; Phd. History
7. Philosophy M.A Philosophy; Phd. Philosophy
8. Theatre and Performing Art PGD Development Communication
PGD Home Video Production
PGD Theatre for Development
M.A Development Communication
M.A Theatre and Performing Art
Phd. Development Communication
Phd. Theatre and Performing Art